3paragraph comparison essay

Southeast Asian powers such as Đại Việt also adopted the matchlock musket. Đại Việt was considered by the Ming to have produced particularly advanced matchlocks during the 17th century, surpassing even Ottoman, Japanese, and European firearms. European observers of the Trịnh–Nguyễn War also noted the proficiency of matchlock making by the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese matchlock was said to have been able to pierce several layers of iron armour, kill two to five men in one shot, yet also fire quietly for a weapon of its caliber. [56]

The above examples of comparison help us realize that in general, writers utilize different kinds of comparisons to link an unfamiliar or a new idea to common and familiar objects. It facilitates readers to comprehend a new idea, which may have been difficult for them to understand otherwise. The understanding of a new idea turns out to be simpler when viewed with a comparison to something that is familiar to them. In addition, by making use of various literary tools for comparison, writers increase their chance of catching the attention and interest of their readers, as comparisons help them identify what they are reading to their lives.

As rule X9 will specify, once explicit directional formatting characters have been used to assign embedding levels to the characters in a paragraph, embedding initiators and PDFs are removed (or virtually removed) from the paragraph. Thus, the embedding levels assigned to the embedding initiators and PDFs themselves are irrelevant. In this, embedding initiators and PDFs differ from isolate initiators and PDIs, which continue to play a part in determining the paragraph’s display order as mentioned above. BD12 . The directional isolate status is a Boolean value set by using isolate formatting characters: it is true when the current embedding level was started by an isolate initiator.

3paragraph comparison essay

3 paragraph comparison essay


3 paragraph comparison essay3 paragraph comparison essay3 paragraph comparison essay3 paragraph comparison essay