Biology as coursework ideas


A well structured essay with some good scientific theory.

The main area to improve on would be in the analysis of the results. It is clear that the results show water moves in to and out of the cell and different concentrations but you repeat this point many times.

The aim of the experiment is fairly ambiguous also, investigating the effect of osmosis does not really give you a purpose or issue to solve; investigating the effect of osmosis to determine the water potential of the potato cells would be better.

"The School of Biology provides an environment to nurture success — for students and faculty alike. We have modern facilities and the cutting edge equipment necessary for teaching and research as well as many highly motivated and talented faculty and students. A highlight for me: the one-on-one faculty-student mentoring experiences that take place in the lab. These interactions are richly rewarding and are indicative of the many wonderful opportunities available at UNC.” -Dr. Susan Keenan

The Biology Department at UNF is committed to the search for understanding and knowledge through the scientific study of life and the dissemination of this information to students, the scientific community, and the general public. The strength of the department lies in its broad based academic program, collaborative efforts of faculty, and its integration of undergraduates in all aspects of research. The Biology Department has 32 full- and part-time faculty, who have secured more than $ million dollars in funding for sponsored research in the past 5 years.  It offers the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree with five areas of concentration, the Biology minor, and 2 graduate degrees (Master of Arts and Master of Science.)   

Biology as coursework ideas

biology as coursework ideas


biology as coursework ideasbiology as coursework ideasbiology as coursework ideasbiology as coursework ideas