Bud not buddy essay questions

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Bud and Bugs, another orphaned boy, team up and go to the shantytown (or Hooverville) so they can hop a California-bound train and hopefully get jobs in the West. However, Bugs makes it onto the train and Bud doesn't, so Bud returns to Flint, where a librarian gives him instructions for getting to Grand Rapids and finding Calloway. Bud begins the long hike from Flint to Grand Rapids, but on the way there, he runs into Lefty Lewis , who cajoles Bud, using food, into accepting a ride and help. Lewis provides Bud with a real bed to sleep in for the night, and a ride to Grand Rapids.

(43) “Inquisition” (3/26/68)
The aliens assassinate a senator just as Vincent and Scoville are trying to convince him to join their crusade, leaving the Believers in hot water as an ambitious governent prosecutor seeks conspiracy and murder indictments against them.
Written by Barry Oringer.
Directed by Robert Glatzer.
Guest Stars: Mark Richman, Susan Oliver, John Milford, Stewart Moss, Robert H. Harris, Alex Gerry, Allen Joseph, Mary Gregory, Richard Merrifield, Burt Douglas, Bill Egan, Ernest Harada, Michael Harris, Lincoln Demyan, George Robotham.

Bud not buddy essay questions

bud not buddy essay questions


bud not buddy essay questionsbud not buddy essay questionsbud not buddy essay questionsbud not buddy essay questions