Causes of second world war in essay

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Causes of World War II
Commencing two decades following the previous vast global conflict, World War II was the deadliest war in history. It included more than thirty countries causing more than fifty million military and civilian deaths. It lasted from 1936 to 1945, but the related conflicts began at an earlier date (O'Connor). The cause of World War II was considered to be ignited by Adolf Hitler invading Poland in 1939. After six years of the deadly battle, both the Nazi Germany and Japan were defeated by the Allied. Adolf Hitler’s aim was to dominate Europe by the Nazis Party, which he led by dictatorship (Shirer). O'Connor also stated that following an early warning by the British and France that Poland would invade Germany and cause them to declare war. When Poland was invaded by Hitler war broke out in Europe in 1939
According to Weinberg, the dissatisfaction with the Treaty of Versailles, after Germany surrendered in 1918 and having been forced to sign for the treaty sparked the war. That included them taking the blame for the First World War, reducing the territories and agreeing to disarm and diminish the military power. The Germans felt that the punishment was unduly harsh developing resentment for the alleged victors of First World War. When the Nazis came to power, Hitler flouted the Treaty of Versailles and increased the Germany military (Shirer).
The appeasement came in after the allied countries felt that the pressure levied on Germany should be reduced from the Treaty of Versailles. The payments were reduced, but Hitler announced that the payments would stop (O'Connor). The Allies protested slightly. After the Munich Agreement in 1938 “peace in our time” agreement Germans broke the terms of the treaty by taking over Czechoslovakia (Field). The treaty of communism was another cause of the second world war were the European countries were taken by surprise due to the Russian revolution of 1917 dispersing fears of ...

Causes of second world war in essay

causes of second world war in essay


causes of second world war in essaycauses of second world war in essaycauses of second world war in essaycauses of second world war in essay