Essay about customer in the shop

It's easy to say all this and to have a mission statement and so on. How do you get it to happen every day in the real world? It starts with recruitment and training. The Ritz-Carlton interview is structured and the same worldwide. In addition, a couple of employees from the candidate's prospective department join the interview as well and as with Pret A Manger, they get a strong say in whether someone is hired or not. Once hired, a new employee gets two full days of orientation before they start work and is guaranteed to get 250-300 hours of structured, formal training in their first year. The staff are trained in what Gilbert called "aggressive hospitality" which isn't as frightening as it sounds. It means how to live to up to the standards they proclaim; for example using guest's names, avoiding slang, saying 'good morning' or 'good afternoon' instead of 'hi' (try it for a day, it's not easy), or how to solve guest problems.

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Essay about customer in the shop

essay about customer in the shop


essay about customer in the shopessay about customer in the shopessay about customer in the shopessay about customer in the shop