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Always, always leave some time to proofread your work and check your formatting. Nearly every grader will dock marks if your work is hard to understand or if it doesn’t follow your department’s standards. Again, this can be even stricter in college. When I taught college writing, I graded according to departmental rubrics that deducted 1 point per grammar error, up to 15 per cent, and 1 point per formatting error, up to 15 per cent. Some students lost a full 30 per cent of their grade in this way! Don’t be that student. Proofread, show your work to someone at the Writing Centre, do what you need to do to clean things up. This isn’t just a fussy school thing: in the professional world, people will judge your writing based on things like grammar and style.

In reality, it is almost impossible to have the identical number of students in every subject. There are various professions that require one gender, more than other to cater it’s specific requirements. For example, Civil engineering requires male students, who can perform outdoor activities and heavy physical work at construction to the need of greater physical strength in such vocational courses, female students may not be the suitable candidate. Similarly, the Gynecology( a subspecialty of medical field), is heavily dominated by female student doctors because women patients are more comfortable with a doctor of the same gender, especially in the context of sexuality.
Apart from the idea expressed above, I also believe that it would be unfair to admit students for tertiary education solely on the basis of gender. Universities should select the best candidate according to their gender-based selection may lead to mediocrity. For instance, in a particular university, where there are 50 seats in the economics course and they have to pick an equal number of male and female students. In spite of the fact that university doesn’t have qualified male aspirants, but in name of gender equality, they choose non-deserving male causes loss of opportunity for a bright female student, who could have been selected if there was no gender-based selection system.

Essay verify university plagiarism

essay verify university plagiarism


essay verify university plagiarismessay verify university plagiarismessay verify university plagiarismessay verify university plagiarism