Essays and letters in english

One may think that sisters would share the same characteristics but Jane's letters in chapter 46 proves that she is nothing like Lydia. Jane's letters are to Elizabeth and are about Lydia's 'unexpected' elopement with Wickham to Gretna Green. Jane wrote these letters to Elizabeth to inform her of the event and to urge her to return home. Jane's letters are long and detailed and are written in a more mature tone than Lydia's. They are written in a formal manner. She is also informative and uses a variety of sentence lengths. She uses words such as 'imprudent' and 'exigence' which show her use of a more complex vocabulary. She also uses more complex sentences and a good use of commas and semi-colons for example, ' I am truly glad, dearest Lizzy, that you have been spared something of these distressing scenes; but now, as the first shock is over, shall I own that u long for your return?' Even though she is very distressed and concerned she manages to stay pleasant towards Wickham, she says,'….I am willing to hope the best, and that his character has been misunderstood.', and, 'My father and mother believe the worst, but I cannot think so ill of him.' She is still kind even in thoughts. She uses a comforting tone towards Elizabeth because she knows that she will be distraught by the news, she writes,' I am very, very sorry.', and ' My dear Lizzy…' She is being sympathetic and a true sister! Jane uses abbreviations for places and names that she knows Lizzy will understand, these are, 'Mrs F.' , 'W.' and 'Colonel F.' The letters reveal that Jane's character is comforting, kind-hearted and considerate.

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Essays and letters in english

essays and letters in english


essays and letters in englishessays and letters in englishessays and letters in englishessays and letters in english