For gay marriage andrew sullivan essay

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I need advice! I have been married for4 years now, have two children. I am asking for a separation my husband has a drinking problem and after we lost our daughter two years ago it got bad really bad. I also found out he was having an emotional affair with a co worker, he says it was only emotional I feel more happend but can not prove it. I found out about this week’s after losing our daughter, it hit me hard I choose to stay with him and move forward with our marriage few mouths late I found out I was pregnant again because of the mixed feelings she started drinking even more. He get mean when he drinks verbally. We fight all of the time he refuses to help with the children. I am a stay at home mom and feel the basic cooking cleaning and laundry are my responsibility, I am not a slave he feels I am to clean up after his every mess he does not lift a finger to help. He also spend a lot of our money at bars does not come home until 3 am at times. And the sleeps all day the next day. I am sick of this and have tried many times to talk with him about this and how it makes me ffeeling have tried letting do what every he wants drinking party’s and not saying a word that was miserable for me and he drank all of the money so I hat to put my food down . So I tried the meeting in the middle letting him drink on designated days he always took advantage. So I tried the not happening approach. And he still drinks all of the time. recently read the five love languages implementing that in every relationship he says he needs more words of affirmation so I made it I promised myself I would only say positive things no- whatsoever it was not good enough he picked fights with me. I am at a loss he doesn’t want to do a separation but I can keep going like this. I have a lot of anger and resenresentmedo not get any time for my self because I have to rent to the children with no help at all in any way and he is drunk or hung over. What do I do? Do you think a separation will help him see a light or should I go for the divorce?

For gay marriage andrew sullivan essay

for gay marriage andrew sullivan essay


for gay marriage andrew sullivan essayfor gay marriage andrew sullivan essayfor gay marriage andrew sullivan essayfor gay marriage andrew sullivan essay