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Without Lynch’s surrealist vision, oddball characterization and dialogue fall flat—as in  Twin Peaks ’ second season, which Lynch himself says "sucked." So what defines the Lynchian? A very distinctive use of music , for one thing. And as the video essay above by Menno Kooistra demonstrates, the significant influence of painting. Lynch himself began painting and drawing at a young age and studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in the sixties. While he found his calling in film, his art education prepared him to dream up the unforgettable compositions of the Lynchian world.

A great new video essay from VoorDeFilm (via No Film School ) puts some of Lynch’s most memorable images right next to the paintings that inspired them, and the similarities are uncanny. Each shot finds Lynch twisting the original artist’s style into his own, and the side-by-side comparisons speak greatly to what it is that makes Lynch’s cinematic style so unforgettable. He’ll take the surreal design of Magritte’s “Meditation” and make it feel grimier and more raw for “Eraserhead,” for instance.

Francis bacon style essay writing

francis bacon style essay writing


francis bacon style essay writingfrancis bacon style essay writingfrancis bacon style essay writingfrancis bacon style essay writing