Human evolution essay

Through a great many researchers and scientists, we're able to discern certain facts of our past. Religion withstanding, we are able to agree that homo erectus came to be in the grasslands of southeastern Africa no more than two million years ago. While a debate continues, I am at the moment led to believe that modern humans came to be in Africa and then migrated away. However, I am only able to reach this conclusion based on the information I have found. Either there might be more to learn that could sway my thoughts or they might be more evidence remaining in the sedimentary annals of time. Again, it returns us to the idea of perspective history. Furthermore, I accept that two separate migrations happened after homo sapiens appeared. But seeing as the scientific community is still in the midst of a debate, it is safe and beneficial to say that my mind is not of concrete and is malleable enough to remain receptive to new information. Although we are bound to stir up controversy as change always has, perhaps we may take solace in a simple in the knowledge that humanity has been able to thrive as a result of thought, of our ability to invent. From the first person to sharpen a rock, we have always been and will continue to evolve.

This point about culture, combined with the immense variation we find among individuals in terms of habits, tastes, and personalities, seems to point toward the greater importance not of human nature but of distinct individual natures . Appealing to the natures of cacti, spiders, and elephants can go a long way toward capturing the basic patterns of movements and behaviors exhibited by these organisms. But, because individual human beings can vary so much in temperament, desires, and personalities, one might think that appealing to human nature fails to capture the distinctiveness of each person, thereby missing the mark on what really matters.

Human evolution essay

human evolution essay


human evolution essayhuman evolution essayhuman evolution essayhuman evolution essay