Leachate evaporators thesis

In industrial settings, RO is often used to remove total dissolved salts (TDS) from industrial wastewater or treated industrial wastewater and yield permeate with relatively low TDS concentrations. While RO is an effective method for handling wastewater, what to do with the concentrate or reject water (typically as much as 20-50% of the RO feed water volume) can be an issue. Specifically, the high salinity in RO reject / RO concentrate can make it prohibitive for discharge to a local sewer facility. Hauling the wastewater to a treatment facility can also be prohibitively expensive. ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Evaporators and ENCON Thermal Evaporators have proven to be effective technologies for dewatering RO reject / RO concentrate waste streams.

Leachate evaporators thesis

leachate evaporators thesis


leachate evaporators thesisleachate evaporators thesisleachate evaporators thesisleachate evaporators thesis