Ma thesis islam and terrorism

you will never know who causes the shit unless you put efforts to study the mastermind gangsters…
9/11 was not just an evil plot, it was a diabolical plot whose purpose was to:
– terrorize the US into putting Israel’s interest above its own: Treason
– Get the US military into Middle East, a long time goal of PNAC/US and Israeli Zionist
– Effect Israel’s goals using American blood and treasure
– CENTCOM already had been moved to the Middle East, in Israel’s interest
– Reported dual Israeli-US citizen Paul Wolfowitz was Deputy Secretary of Defense directly under Rumsfeld
– Reported dual Israeli-US citizen, PNAC signatory and self- proclaimed “Prince of Darkness” Richard Perle chaired Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board
– Reported dual Israeli-US citizen Philip Zelikow headed the 9/11 Commission cover up.
– Reported dual Israeli-US citizen Michael Chertoff headed DoJ’s 9/11 “Investigation”/Cover Up and the new Department of Homeland Security
We Must Ask: Whose”Homeland”?
And Whose “Security”?

The Abbasids, who displaced the Umayyads and moved the seat of government from Damascus to Baghdad, made the first serious effort to accommodate Greek science and philosophy to Islam. The Abbasid rulers, unlike the Umayyads who remained Arab in their tastes and customs, conceived an Islamic polity based on religious affiliation rather than nationality or race. This made it easier for people of differing cultural, racial, and intellectual heritages to mingle and exchange ideas as equals. Persian astronomers from Gandeshapur could work side by side with mathematicians from Alexandria in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Baghdad.

Ma thesis islam and terrorism

ma thesis islam and terrorism


ma thesis islam and terrorismma thesis islam and terrorismma thesis islam and terrorismma thesis islam and terrorism