Margery kempe essay questions

STAGE I Call to adventure --some new threat or challenge appears in the protagonist's community.
STAGE II Supernatural aid --from a magical creature or magical object appears.
STAGE III Confrontation --The hero confronts the threshhold of danger, often a guardian or villain, that thrwarts him.
STAGE IV Education --Aid comes from a helper and/or mentor figures to show him how to bypass challenges and temptations.
STAGE V Revelation --The hero experiences revelation--often in the form of an abyss or a symbolic death and rebirth.
STAGE VI Resurrection --The hero is transformed, resurrected, or somehow makes atonment, often receiving a concrete or abstract gift from a divine source like a god or goddess-figure
STAGE VII Return --The hero returns home. Once there, he re-establishes order or peace, often becoming a new ruler.

The son comes with his wife to visit his parents but he gets sick in the road and dies. Kempe’s husband dies as well and Kempe is told to follow her daughter-in-law back to Prussia despite being old and feeble. Their voyage to Germany is not an easy one and when Kempe decides to return back home she has trouble finding an escort because Europe is plagued by wars. Kempe is almost 60 years old when she begins the journey back home and she seems unable to get along with the man she hired for protection. After a long journey, Kempe reaches her home but she has to try once more to mend her relationship with the rest of the people in the town.

Both are also considered to be precursors of the modern feminist movement in their attempt to find independence and self-fulfillment working as agents of God. Neither of them tried to fight for civil rights , nor did  they attempt to overthrow the existing social order, however they both made their own path in life and recorded it , it can be said that both thought their own existence important enough to pass on to others. Margery was able to narrow the focus on her goal only picking events she was able to process and use to the advantage of her development that gave her independence   through her own lifestyle, she demonstrated freedom she achieved. Julian was also considered a precursor of feminism, but she was different from other women in her period because she wrote down her feelings.

Margery kempe essay questions

margery kempe essay questions


margery kempe essay questionsmargery kempe essay questionsmargery kempe essay questionsmargery kempe essay questions