Mba application essay tips

You can use a CAR framework for this response (Challenge, Action, Results). Start with the challenge or challenges that you faced by simply describing the situation and obstacles. Then relate your actions. How did you motivate others to move in one direction? How did you influence and persuade? Finally, what were the results? How did you create value, not just for yourself but for your team, group, department, company, club, or whatever entity you were contributing to. And what did you learn about leadership, collaboration, and influence?

In addition to reviewing the university’s website, speak to students and alumni. Make use of online forums to gather up-to-date information about the school, so that you can present a compelling case as to why you chose this specific MBA program. Be unique Write a unique, personal essay. You want the readers to pore over your essay not only as part of their duty as Admissions Committee members, but also because they are intrigued. Like any good author, use techniques such as suspense, subheadings, an intriguing introduction and a little humor to capture the reader’s attention. The last thing you want to write is an essay that sounds exactly like the five others read by the Admissions Committee member that week. Answer the question It may seem obvious, but make sure you remembered to do it: Answer the question! No less, and not much more. The Twelve Advanced MBA Essay Tips Promote the Admission Drivers

  • Admission Drivers are the traits that admission committees look for in a candidate. For Example:
    • Leader/Manager – Led/managed/recruited people.
    • Team Player/Relationship Builder – Worked well with others, built relationships under difficult circumstances.
    • Smart – GPA/academic distinctions, GMAT, recommender reviews.
    • Initiates – Initiated successful projects / changes.
    • International/Cultural – International orientation/experience, cultural sensitivity.
    • Presentation Skills – Public speaking (large audience is strongest – state the number of people), presenting to senior people, presenting to team.
    • Persuasion Skills – Persuaded people (senior people in particular).
  • If a sentence doesn’t promote an Admission Driver:
    • Is it required in order to answer the question?
    • If not, remove or replace it!
  • The king of Admission Drivers:
    • Leadership
  • Where is our best chance to promote leadership?
    • The Episode essay
Focus on the Question
  • Answer all segments of the question.
  • Example:
    • Describe one of your greatest achievements and why you view it as such
  • Remove sentences that go beyond the scope of the question.
Focus on Facts
  • Avoid subjective terms
    • Objective = it’s either right or not.
    • Subjective = it’s a matter of opinion.
  • Examples:
    • “We completed the project 6 days ahead of schedule” – objective
    • “We completed the project quickly” – subjective
    • “Singcom is a large company” – subjective
    • “Singcom is Singapore’s second largest company” – objective
    • “The project succeeded” – subjective
    • “I felt that the project succeeded” – objective (this is what I felt) but not “hard facts.”
    • “In the company’s 2002 annual conference, the CEO cited the project as one of the company’s 5 main successes of the year” – objective, hard facts – this is the most effective of the above three.
… and Let the Reader Conclude

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Mba application essay tips

mba application essay tips


mba application essay tipsmba application essay tipsmba application essay tipsmba application essay tips