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The good news about Oriental poppies is that, provided you meet their minimal requirements (full sun and well-drained soil), they are the easiest and most imperturbable perennials imaginable. Clumps that my grandfather planted 80 years ago, and which have received almost no care for decades, are still going strong. The bad news is that once their late May–June bloom period is over, the foliage starts to yellow and shrivel (it reappears in fall), and soon you have a big gap to fill. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with the horrible dying foliage: as soon as it starts to go over, you can cut it back to the ground, and the plant won’t be any the worse for it. The bigger problem is dealing with the resulting hole in the border. An often-recommended solution is to pair your poppies with a late-emerging perennial such as gypsophila that will eventually fill the gap. Gypsophila doesn’t like my acid soil, so I resort to asters, perennial sunflowers, and late-flowering ornamental grasses. Tall, robust annuals like Nicotiana sylvestris work well, too. I also put my poppies at the back of the border rather than the front, so that even a temporary gap won’t be too noticeable.

Despite Fornari's theory that man's altruistic desire for self-sacrifice for a noble cause is a contributing factor towards war,few wars have originated from a desire for war among the general populace. [88] Far more often the general population has been reluctantly drawn into war by its rulers. One psychological theory that looks at the leaders is advanced by Maurice Walsh. [89] He argues the general populace is more neutral towards war and wars occur when leaders with a psychologically abnormal disregard for human life are placed into power. War is caused by leaders who seek war such as Napoleon and Hitler . Such leaders most often come to power in times of crisis when the populace opts for a decisive leader, who then leads the nation to war.

I was Googling around, probably using search terms like "bare bottom", panties and paddle when I encountered Naomi's story Eliza in the Google cache of a new defunct web site Louiza's Spanking Files (). Louiza died a few years ago and sadly her site seems to have gone off-line (although parts can still be found at the wonderful Internet Archive ). Seeing Louiza's site go off-line got me thinking about how sad it was that Naomi's stories are not more generally accessible. So I sent an email to Naomi asking if I could republish her stories here. She kindly gave me permission.

Mrs plum essays

mrs plum essays


mrs plum essaysmrs plum essaysmrs plum essaysmrs plum essays