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The tutor for this course is Dr. Heath Rose . Heath is an experienced teacher educator, having coordinated the . in English Language Teaching at Trinity College Dublin before coming to Oxford, and previously having worked on The University of Sydney’s in TESOL. Heath has been engaged in English Language Teaching since 1997, and has worked with students in university settings since 2003. In delivering the course, he combines this practical experience with his research background in second language teaching and learning. Heath is the co-author of Introducing Global Englishes (Routledge), and the forthcoming books Global Englishes for Language Teaching (Cambridge University Press), and Doing Research in Applied Linguistics (Routledge).

The module aims to provide insight into a range of ethical and legal issues that relate to professional practice, to research with human and animal subjects and to human reproduction, particularly various forms of reproductive technology. It will also aim to give students a broad overview of the relevant current UK ethical and legal regulations for research using human tissues. The module will further explore the ethical issues present in the rapidly developing area of genetic technology, including genetic testing and selection, genetic engineering, and the concept of genetic disease. After an introduction to basic ethical theory and legal principles, the focus of the module will be on exploring ways in which, by applying theoretical considerations to practice, ethical and legal issues can be critically analysed and addressed.

We have an established reputation for academic excellence and this is reflected in the high calibre of teaching staff within the School. Our highly qualified academic team includes a selection of professors, lecturers, research staff and industry experts; ensuring the course provides a coherent professional, academic and intellectual experience for students. Meet your course team:

Dr Adebayo Oladapo  - Course Leader and Senior Lecturer
Dr Godfaurd John - Lecturer in Construction Management
Dr Champika Liyanage - Lecturer in Quantity Surveying
Dr Farzad Pour-Rahimian  - Senior Lecturer in Construction Technology

Msc dissertation proposal sample pdf

msc dissertation proposal sample pdf


msc dissertation proposal sample pdfmsc dissertation proposal sample pdfmsc dissertation proposal sample pdfmsc dissertation proposal sample pdf