Native american term papers

The Chinook Jargon term for a native woman is klootchman , an originally Nootka word adopted in regional English to mean a native woman or, as in the Jargon, all women and also anything female. It originated as a compound of Nootka łūts 'female' with the English suffix -man . Hyas klootchman tyee means "queen", klootchman cosho , "sow"; and klootchman tenas or tenas klootchman means "girl" or "little girl". Generally klootchman in regional English simply means a native woman and has not acquired the derisive sense of siwash or squaw . The short form klootch —encountered only in English-Chinook hybrid phrasings—is always derisive, especially in forms such as blue-eyed klootch .

Virginia. The English mission to the Indians in Virginia began promisingly enough as the Reverend Alexander Whitaker converted the Indian princess Pocahontas to Christianity. The latter ’ s visit to England , which ended tragically with her death, built public support for the establishment of an Indian college at Henrico, a project that collapsed with the massacre of settlers around Jamestown in 1622. “ The way of conquering them is much more easy than of civilizing them by fair means, ” reported officials of the Virginia Company after suppressing the Indian uprising, “ for they are a rude, barbarious, and naked people, scattered in small companies, which are helps to victory, but hindrance to civility: Besides that, a conquest may be of many and at once; but civility is in particular, and, slow, the effect of long time, and great industry. ” Despite such sentiments, the charter granted the College of William and Mary in 1693 called for the establishment of a school with one professor to teach Indian boys reading, writing, arithmetic, and religion. The latter provision qualified the college for funds from the legacy of Robert Boyle, and an Indian school was established.

Native american term papers

native american term papers


native american term papersnative american term papersnative american term papersnative american term papers