Old age pension thesis

Why do you think that’s laughable? If you retire at 67 with a $1 million dollar retirement account (and that doesn’t count other assets like your home), you might be able to generate $50K/year and raise that amount to keep pace with inflation for the rest of your life. Add that to Soc. Sec. – maybe $30K/year for someone with an income during their working years of ~$80K – and their retirement income will be $80K/year. They’ll be much better off than the median person who gets only Social Security (the calculator tells you that the median person has no retirement savings to speak of at all). It’s pretty grim when two-thirds of the population will live in retirement relying on Social Security for more than half their income and half will be entirely reliant on Soc. Sec. unless they work into old age.

Old age pension thesis

old age pension thesis


old age pension thesisold age pension thesisold age pension thesisold age pension thesis