Pulse rate coursework

Patient care technicians or associates (PCTs or PCAs) provide various aspects of patient care under the direct supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or doctor. They provide communication, comfort, and safety for the patient and typically have more clinical responsibility and technical skills than nursing aides. They assist patients with walking, bathing, eating, dressing, and getting in and out of beds, wheelchairs, and stretchers. Other duties may include taking and recording temperature, pulse, weight, and respiration rate, and obtaining specimens as directed by medical staff. They may also prepare rooms, sterilize equipment and escort patients to exam rooms and surgery. Some facilities create job ladders for PCTs/PCAs. Those with more technical skills and experience have more patient care responsibilities and receive a higher salary.
PCTs/PCAs seem to share a job description with certified nursing assistants; however, there is no uniform requirement for certification of PCTs/PCAs, as there is for certified nursing assistants. Some states do not recognize PCTs/PCAs as functionally separate from certified nursing assistants and require certification regardless of job title. Even so, the trained PCT/PCA who has passed one or two of the available certification examinations will earn a significantly higher wage.

This dilemma is difficult because it is difficult to witness death when there are life saving measures that can be done and the patient is choosing to refuse the treatments. By honoring her wishes the healthcare team had to put their moral values to the side to respect her autonomy and deliver care that is appropriate to the established standards. When asked by the committee which option I would choose I said the option of allowing the patient to refuse treatment and beginning a protocol which removes legal ramifications from the hospital and their caregivers.(de franka, Baptista, Brito, 2008) By doing so the healthcare providers would be practicing beneficence and nonmalefcince without forcing their beliefs on what is the right thing to do. This protocol would be very beneficial in the healthcare settings because it would benefit not only the hospitals but also the healthcare providers and patients when these type of situations occur.

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Pulse rate coursework

pulse rate coursework


pulse rate courseworkpulse rate courseworkpulse rate courseworkpulse rate coursework