Pyramids extended essay

Tutankhamun ruled Egypt for about ten years. Around 1325 BC, after the war with Hittities, he died suddenly. People believed that he was murdered, but the reason for his death remained unknown. In 1929, Mr. Howard Carter and his team discovered Tutankhamun's sealed tomb with his intact mummy in the Valley of the Kings. Scientists think that he might have died due to a crippling disease, weakness and as a product of incest. But still the real cause of his death is not ascertained as Tut holds on to his secrets. Tut was the last in his family-line, so he was succeeded to the throne by his grand vizier, Ay, who became the new Pharaoh.

The major difference between an extended essay and other college essays is the length.  However, just because an extended essay is longer than other college essays doesn't mean that extended essays are more difficult than other forms of academic works.  For example, an extended essay doesn't necessarily become a term paper or a reference project.  Such compositions are always distinct from other forms of writing because of their heavy focus on a student's point-of-view, in most cases.  Therefore, even extended essays are unique from every other form of writing.

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Pyramids extended essay

pyramids extended essay


pyramids extended essaypyramids extended essaypyramids extended essaypyramids extended essay