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An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School, Ms. Maun has advised applicants who gained admission to top-tier MBA programs including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, and Columbia. In addition to her role with The MBA Exchange, she currently serves Harvard University as an interviewer assessing undergraduate applicants.  Ms. Maun worked at McKinsey & Company advising clients in the media, retail, medical device, and non-profit industries.  She also served in strategic planning and business development for MTV Networks and Time Warner Interactive.  Ms. Maun holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University. She has traveled to over 25 countries worldwide.

Additionally the prevalence of self-harm is much higher in in-patient settings, with up to 80% of a psychiatric inpatient sample self-harming (Nock and Prinstein, 2004) compared to a prevalence rate of 15-20% in the community (Heath et al, 2009). Of late, James et al (2012) reviewed the self-harm incident reports from adult psychiatric wards during 2009. The review established that 14,271 self-harm incidents were reported and self-injury in the form of cutting was the method used most. Acute services reported the highest amount of incidents (65%) with forensic services reporting 29%. However, acute services have a higher quantity of beds compared to forensics and therefore there are significantly more reports of self-harm from forensic settings (James et al, 2012). Nevertheless the high rate of self-harm occurring within psychiatric inpatient settings suggests that all nurses will experience someone who self-harms at some point during their career. Nijman et al (2005) estimated that during a year period 84% of mental health nurses will witness mild self-harm and 57% severe self-harm.

Ross mba essays 2012

ross mba essays 2012


ross mba essays 2012ross mba essays 2012ross mba essays 2012ross mba essays 2012