Sample admission and scholarship essays

E — felt very comfortable in her own skin. Oddly enough, she is primarily looking at schools out west. Bates and —- are the only schools back east she is thinking about. She seems to have made the most of her time at her school. She did become frustrated with wealth and elitism and wanted a change of environment for a time. However, she found approaches to make her experience better. She plays volleyball, is one of two co-captains and is looking to play at the collegiate level. She is an outspoken leader that has a positive influence on teammates.

Admission Demographics Freshman Admission Profile (Fall 2017) Applications: 9,149 Admitted: 4,397 (48%) Enrolled: 881 (20%) Gender Women: 592 (65%) Men: 339 (35%) Ethnicity International Students: 8% African American: 4% Asian/Pacific Islander: 5% Caucasian: 67% Hispanic: 11% Native American/Native Indian: 1 student but 0% Multiracial: 3% Race Unknown/not reported: 2% Geographic Distribution of First–Year Undergraduate Students New England: 286 (31%) Mid Atlantic: 227 (24%) Midwest: 78 (8%) South/Southwest: 125 (13%) West: 138 (15%) International & . Territories: 79 (10%) Standardized Test Scores & GPA SAT Middle 50% Composite: 1720-1950 Middle 50% Critical Reasoning: 580-680 Middle 50% Math: 540-650 Middle 50% Writing: 570-670 ACT Middle 50% Composite: 25-30 Grade Point Average: (unweighted, scale) Class Rank Graduated in the top 10 percent: 27% Graduated in the top quarter: 64% Graduated in the top half: 93% *38% of secondary schools reported a rank in class

Sample admission and scholarship essays

sample admission and scholarship essays


sample admission and scholarship essayssample admission and scholarship essayssample admission and scholarship essayssample admission and scholarship essays