Scores for sat essay

Starting in October, you’ll get your SAT scores faster. Learn more about the changes. Expand All Collapse All August 26 Test Day If you took the SAT with Essay:

  • September 18: Your multiple-choice scores become available online.
  • By September 20: Your SAT Essay scores become available.
  • Within 10 days after you receive all scores: We send colleges your scores, and we send your paper score report if you requested one.
If you took the SAT:

The SAT was redesigned in March 2016, and now consists of 2 sections and is scored out of 1600 points. Prior to the redesign, the test consisted of 3 sections and scored out of a total of 2400 points.

Each year, colleges publish the average (or a middle range of) SAT scores for the incoming class, which helps aspiring applicants set their SAT score goals. Because many applicants in the most recent entering class took the old test, colleges currently report SAT scores for their incoming class on the 2400 scale.

Confused yet? Don't worry! We've used the concordance information published by the College Board to convert these "old" SAT score ranges into "new" SAT score ranges, to help you set your target scores. You can find these new scores on our college profiles, labelled "Concordant Scores." If your current SAT scores fall into the concordant range for your dream school, you're on the path to a competitive application. 

Scores for sat essay

scores for sat essay


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