Slavery during the civil war essay

The final week of our study was project week, which means the children were assigned several projects to “show what they learned” and had all week to complete them.  At the end of the week the projects were presented to the entire family.  Project presentations are always a precious time for me! I get to see how much my kiddos soaked in during the study and how creative they can be in completing projects. For those of you wanting to do “school” in ways that better meets the individual needs/gifts/learning styles of your children, projects are a great tool!

It’s easy to lose sight of all the things that happened in the latter half of the 1850s. The Missouri Compromise was killed. The law that replaced it—the Kansas-Nebraska Act—was found unconstitutional (a stunning action at the time). A major political party (the Whigs) abruptly died. Two free states joined the Union (Oregon and Minnesota), while a slave state (Kansas) was initially denied entry. All of these things occurred under Democratic presidents relatively sympathetic to slavery. The prospect of a president opposed to slavery struck fear in the hearts of Southerners. As the nation changed, it seemed to give credence to John C. Calhoun’s warning (made just days before he died) that if the South waited too long to act it would no longer be strong enough to leave the Union (peaceably or not).

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Slavery during the civil war essay

slavery during the civil war essay


slavery during the civil war essayslavery during the civil war essayslavery during the civil war essayslavery during the civil war essay