Stanford essays word limits

Hello Tyler,
I am very grateful for having the opportunity of watching your videos where you share how you got into Stanford University, they are very inspiring. I also read some of the stuffs you included in the college application essays. I am currently a student at Durham Technical Community College in the State of North Carolina, and I recently got admitted into the C-STEP program that helps to transfer as a junior to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after obtaining a degree in the University Transfer Program. I will be transferring to a University in the Fall 2018 because I won’t get my associate’s degree until next Spring in 2018. So, I wanted to ask you how hard it is to get accepted at Stanford as a transfer student from a Community College. If you don’t mind giving me some general information about that, here is my personal email where I can be reached at anytime: [email protected] . I will really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
Warm regards,
Fidele Mighty Mugisha

3. What matters to you, and why?

This is unarguably the easiest question for me to answer. My mother has been my rock since day one. She has endured a lot of hardships in life and has always made me her number one priority. So the thing that matters most to me is my perfect relationship with my mom. I would not want it any other way. Putting aside all the things that I owe to her and just going back to the basics, I would never want anything in my life to be changed because all our circumstances made me closer to my mom. She is my greatest supporter and believer. I think everyone needs a person like her in their life. It might not be their mom, but it has to be someone.

Stanford essays word limits

stanford essays word limits


stanford essays word limitsstanford essays word limitsstanford essays word limitsstanford essays word limits