Statistic project ideas

Same-day delivery is a consolidation play. A large network with sufficient volume will benefit from significant economies of scale and outperform smaller networks. Countries with a high share of inhabitants living in densely populated areas, such as the UK (almost 60 percent of the population live in areas with at least 500 inhabitants per km²), provide favorable conditions for establishing a network of this kind, as more deliveries can be carried out per km². Currently no established networks provide same-day delivery at scale, so consumers handle most of their shopping logistics themselves.

One a week so have a ton of them. main difficuly is that driving the essentially site focussed safety culture message in an office environment ultimately gets a bit nannying - handrails, slips, standing on chairs, carrying hot coffee, crashing through doors, paper cuts.....mostly you end up focussing on the uncontrolled part of your day - when you leave work and H&S goes out the window, phones when driving, diy - hand injury, ear and eye protection, ladders etc.
For hardcore plant stuff google charlie morecroft, really puts the human element into forefront.

Statistic project ideas

statistic project ideas


statistic project ideasstatistic project ideasstatistic project ideasstatistic project ideas