Stenkar thesis

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You misplaced a word there. The word ‘feminism’ should also be where ‘misogyny’ is, because misogyny did not cause feminism. Quite the opposite: first wave feminism was born out of wealthy, bored, upper class women who decided they wanted the vote. They themselves never intended and never wanted their “sisters” down sweeping coal miners’ houses to ever get the vote. And second wave feminism was by and large the work of mentally ill women. And not with any justification, either. Dworkin, Millet, MacKinnon, Naomi Wolf at the late end, Ti-Grace Atkinson — none of these women were coming out of abusive marriages. Dworkin, the nuttiest of the lot, alleged variously that she was molested as a child in a theatre by an unknown man (and that she later was visited by aliens). Kate Millet used to allege child abuse against her as well.

Stenkar thesis

stenkar thesis


stenkar thesisstenkar thesis