Synchronous generators phd thesis 2011

Generators for small hydropower plants are distinguished by robust construction and excellent parameters with high efficiency. They are attractive, above all, due to the combination of high reliability and innovation that they feature. This results in an economically advantageous solution. Thanks to a new design of rotors with salient poles,the machines achieve high outputs up to 30,000 kVA. Our long experience ingenerator manufacturing has resulted in the production of ecologically clean energy in more than five hundred hydropower plants.

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of generators for the 25 to 2,235 MVA power range. They achieve efficiency levels of up to 99 percent. The design of our generators, benefits from more than 150 years of experience in development and production since Werner von Siemens invented the electrical generator in 1866. Generators of our SGen TM series are operating around the globe with an installed fleet of more than 2,500 units. Assembly and testing specialists accompany our generators from the planning stage to the destination, where they put them into operation for you. In addition, our specialists service generators from around the world and perform upgrades and repairs – even for components from other manufacturers.

Synchronous generators phd thesis 2011

synchronous generators phd thesis 2011


synchronous generators phd thesis 2011synchronous generators phd thesis 2011synchronous generators phd thesis 2011synchronous generators phd thesis 2011