The complaint of peace essayist 1521

Dear Sarah,
I hope you are would like to let you know some wonderful moments I spent visiting the Royal Historical Museum in the center of the city in Sydney last weekend.
As the name stands, there were various instruments made up of metal ,wood and other valuable materials which were used in world war 1 and world war couldn’t take off my eyes from very fascinating pictures of great worriers, who devoted lives for the country. The attractive weapons used in the fights were displayed in such an appropriate odder which signifies who and when was it used. The valuable clothes were also placed next to the weapon. This proper allocation of these items brought a clear vision of the war and the great heroes in my mind. The most interesting thing was the deadly bullets used in the war, a very heavy and powerful metal which were a cause of disaster and finally won a victory against the enemy.
After having noticed all these historical monuments , I felt proud of the brave soldiers who fought continuous to bring peace in the world. I will never forget their bravery .
yours loving friend

blood - appetite, desires. Compare
For why should others false adulterate eyes
Give salutation to my sportive blood? 121.
it - our blood, our appetities.
other's proof - the experience of other similarly deceived women.
forbod - forbidden. Probably an echo here of the forbidden fruits of paradise, which seemed good when tasted.
in our behoof - on our behalf, for our advantage. It is presumably the good counsel which preaches that harms will befall us if we follow our lusts, rather than the harms themselves that preach. However the foretold harms (of ruin and abandonement) in a sense act like preachers of the path that we should follow to avoid them.
appetite - sexual desire, lust.
judgement - good sense, reason.
stand aloof - keep far away from, have no contact with.
The one - one of the two, . appetite.
needs will - must, will not be restrained from.
It is thy last - One has to expand the thought here to 'It is your last hour of happiness' or something similar. Reason is too shocked to be explicit.

The complaint of peace essayist 1521

the complaint of peace essayist 1521


the complaint of peace essayist 1521the complaint of peace essayist 1521the complaint of peace essayist 1521the complaint of peace essayist 1521