Thesis chulalongkorn university

WUSA produces the campus magazine Tertangala . Tertangala has a 45-year history, making it older than the University of Wollongong itself. It began in 1962, when the university was an external campus of the University of New South Wales. The magazine features student investigative and feature articles, news, artwork, opinion, film and music reviews, as well as interviews and editorials. Submissions from staff and students (including student association representatives) makes up the bulk of the magazines content, however submissions from other members of the community are also accepted. Tertangala is produced eight times a year.

Her story would become the inspiration for the Hollywood movies Anna and the King of Siam and Anna and the King and the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I , which, because of their fictionalized historical references and perceived disrespectful treatment of King Mongkut, were initially banned in Thailand as the Thai government and people considered them to be lèse majesté . To clarify the historical record, well-known Thai intellectuals Seni and Kukrit Pramoj in 1948 wrote The King of Siam Speaks . The Pramoj brothers sent their manuscript to the American politician and diplomat Abbot Low Moffat [19] (1901–1996), who drew on it for his 1961 biography, Mongkut the King of Siam . Moffat donated the Pramoj manuscript to the United States Library of Congress in 1961. [20]

Thesis chulalongkorn university

thesis chulalongkorn university


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