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This is amazing. Though i knew about a few, but haven’t really started implementing any. Who am i kidding, i have just started a month back. :P
But like you said, i too lost my job, broke up and was bankrupt when travelling to the Himalayas gave a new direction in my life. I don’t earn much. But i have to keep this job just to make my parents believe that i haven’t failed. Coming from a slightly orthodox family (India), it takes a lot of guts and patience to explain my parents, my love and passion for travelling and sharing it among the others so they can see what i see.
However i have taken my first step and promised myself to travel somewhere, in and around in India only (Once in a month).

Most bloggers will tell you to blog about your passion, this is wrong, you should blog about a Profitable Passion or interest you have. If it was just simply your passion, I would be blogging about something ridiculous. Instead I blogged about web design because that is what I enjoyed and knew I could make money from. To give you a good idea of what niches make money, go to ClickBank and click Marketplace and any category they have, are niches that people are selling things in, for example, gaming, health, fitness, design, marketing etc.

Thesis seo blogger theme

thesis seo blogger theme


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