What can you get your phd in

Now, I’m still a bit reluctant to proffer this last recommendation, for a few reasons.  First, a terminal master’s ain’t cheap.  This means accruing a decent amount of debt and then going to graduate school for a few more years and then, if you’re lucky, getting a job that won’t help all that much in paying down your debt.  Second, this approach takes at least two years to execute.  You can’t apply to a . program in your first year of an . program, because applications need to be in by January and your master’s program profs won’t know you well enough to draft good letters (that’s why a two-year program is superior).  Furthermore, as crazy as this sounds, for most . programs, your . coursework won’t count – you’ll often need to do a certain number of course requirements (it does help intellectually, however).  And with all of this, there’s still no guarantee you get accepted. 

My #1 goal in life is to see a game designer nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve forecast that this will happen by the year 2023. Of course, it’s not enough to just forecast the future — I’m also actively working to make it a reality. (And you can too — join Gameful , the Secret HQ for Worldchanging Game Developers.) My best effort so far? SuperBetter , a game that has helped nearly half a million players so far tackle real-life health challenges like depression, anxiety, chronic pain and traumatic brain injury. (See the successful  results of University of Pennsyvlania’s randomized controlled trial of SuperBetter for depression, and learn more about our NIH-funded clinical tria l of SuperBetter for rehabiliation.)

 Useful books
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What can you get your phd in

what can you get your phd in


what can you get your phd inwhat can you get your phd inwhat can you get your phd inwhat can you get your phd in