What makes me a good manager essay

Indy Carbide Tool & Supply in Indianapolis, IN……….…….plus other various websites i can list all day that SELLS RIDGID HAND AND POWER TOOLS. Ridgid is NOT a Home Depot brand, contrary to alot of beliefs because of the colors of the tools. Home Depot is the only Home Improvement Store that sells their brand. IF Ridgid is owned by home depot or whatever then why would they allow other companies and competition to sell their own brand. Thats kinda like walking into a Wal-Mart and seeing Target brand stuff on shelves…doesnt make any sense. Now if you are really wanting to talk about Home Depot HOUSE BRAND NAME….try Husky. Husky tools are the “Home Depot Brand” of tools and we all know how husky tools are…blah blah blah, which are made my Stanley. Kobalt is the “Lowe’s Brand” of tools and are made by Snap-On. The Ridgid tools as we are talking about here, Cordless drills, saws, combo kits and all, have been around for a couple “tool Generations” to where as kobalt has just recently came out with them. But when you look at reviews on home depot, lowes, and other various sites the comparison is about the same on them. Anyone in construction and well, anyone knows that when a better model comes out, you want it, its a guy thing dont lie your like that. So is a lifetime warranty really worth the extra money your going to spend on the tools right now. A 5-year warranty is plenty enough cause by the time that warranty is up…youll probably have a better model with better batteries anyway, so how much of that warrany is really that important. NOW dont get my wrong the warranty is important to people, but because a warranyt is better does that mean that it is gonna perform better. It may seem like this is leaning a little toward Lowe’s and Kobalt brand, and in a sense it is but i look at it this way, they both are and can be pricey, they both work great and can do the job, and if all the ruccus about batteries messes with you that much, then go buy an electric makita, i got one in garage that my dad bought over 25 years, and i still use it which by the way works great.

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What makes me a good manager essay

what makes me a good manager essay


what makes me a good manager essaywhat makes me a good manager essaywhat makes me a good manager essaywhat makes me a good manager essay